How to Attract the Best Speakers for Your Conference

It’s one thing to find an amazing venue and come up with a great theme or idea for your conference, but it’s the speakers who really attract an audience. It’s always been a challenge to find great speakers who can engage and impress a crowd. Such talented individuals can help you achieve a memorable event, but it won’t happen without effort on your part.

Don’t Organize the Event around One Person

That said, audiences are rarely drawn to a conference because of a single person. Even if they were, it would be unfair to have him or her bear the whole responsibility for the event’s outcome. The reputation of your conference will suffer if their performance is subpar. It’s wiser to organize it around an idea, into which a good speaker can offer insight and perspective. They can also create energy to contribute to it.

Put the Word Out Early

In most industries, the best speakers are booked early on – in fact, as early as one year in some cases! In every event, you can expect a runway of 2-3 months. Conference organizers should announce they’re looking for speakers half a year in advance. This way they can book quality speakers and derive the maximum from them.

Never wait until the last minute because you’ll get an unprepared or poor speaker. Start looking once you’ve picked a date and booked a venue.

Respect the Speaker (Pay Well)

A good speaker knows their value more often than not. They are aware their presence will draw people to the event. Quality speakers customize their presentations based on the type of event, the time they’re given, and the type of audience.

How much should you pay the speaker? This depends on your budget, industry, and the fee they ask for. The fee is negotiated directly with the speaker or a representative.

If a presenter is looking for exposure and building a brand, they might be willing to speak for free.

Try to be Helpful

Your speaker should be able to rely on you for logistics so their engagement is as simple as possible, allowing them to focus on their presentation. Make sure the premises are equipped with whatever technology the speaker needs, provide a ride to and from the airport, and give the speaker sufficient time to set up and rehearse.

Final Tips

Now that you’ve found the best presenter for your conference, give them access to your cell number in case they have any questions, keep bottles of water available during their presentation, and ask them if there are any extras they need to maintain a connection with the audience.